Transport Compliance

Transport Compliance and Enforcement

Adbri Cement Limited is committed to creating a safer environment for our community. As such, we have taken a proactive approach in assisting our transportation partners to adhere.

How can we be sure we comply?

All vehicles loaded at any Adbri Cement Limited site will comply with mass management.  Any permits for vehicles must be supplied to Adbri Cement Limited in order for the vehicle to be loaded to the permitted weight.  It is all parties’ responsibility to ensure that the gross weight of the product loaded does not exceed MASS limits and drivers comply with current Fatigue Laws.

If you or your transport company collect product from any of our distribution facilities can you please ensure that they have adequate load restraint materials and are compliant with the most current NTC Load Restraint Guide.

What do I need to do?

Quite simply, you should ensure that you can demonstrate that you have been reasonably practicable to prevent a breach occurring.  Reasonably Practicable is “doing what is reasonably able to be done in the relation to the duty, weighing up all relevant matters”.

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