Packaged Products

Whether you’re a tradesperson or a DIY weekend warrior, our high quality, easy to use products will help you complete your next project with confidence.

Our Packaged Products product range includes:

General Purpose Cement

Use in: Brickwork, Blockwork, Render and Concrete

Packaging: 20kg – 72 bags/pallet = 1.44 Tonne


Brightonlite Cement type HE

Use in: Type HE off-white coloured cement produces light coloured concrete, mortars, renders and grouts when used with light coloured sands and aggregates

Packaging: 20kg – 80 bags/pallet = 1.6 Tonne


Sulphate Resisting Cement

Use in: Concrete and mortars where the possibility of attack by sulfate bearing waters and soils is high

Packaging: 20kg – 48 bags/pallet = 0.96 Tonne


Hydrated Lime

Use in: In conjunction with cement for mortar, render and plaster.

Packaging: 20kg – 54 bags/pallet = 1.08 Tonne


Bulk Bags

Adbri Cement offer Bulk bags for General Purpose Cement and Hydrated Lime, please send an enquiry via our contact us page to find out more.