Packaged Products

Our comprehensive packaged product range of cement, hydrated lime and cement and lime blends are suitable for a number of different trade and DIY applications. We have developed blended cement and lime ranges for mortars and renders ensuring lower risk of variances from Australian standards and ease of use by our customers.

Our Packaged Products product range includes:

General Purpose Cement

Use in: Brickwork, Blockwork, Render and Concrete

Packaging: 20kg – 72 bags/pallet = 1.44 Tonne


Brightonlite Cement type HE

Use in: Type HE off-white coloured cement produces light coloured concrete, mortars, renders and grouts when used with light coloured sands and aggregates

Packaging: 20kg – 80 bags/pallet = 1.6 Tonne


Sulphate Resisting Cement

Use in: Concrete and mortars where the possibility of attack by sulfate bearing waters and soils is high

Packaging: 20kg – 80 bags/pallet = 1.6 Tonne


Hydrated Lime

Use in: In conjunction with cement for mortar, render and plaster.

Packaging: 20kg – 56 bags/pallet = 1.08 Tonne


Bulk Bags

Adbri Cement offer Bulk bags for General Purpose Cement and Hydrated Lime, please send an enquiry via our contact us page to find out more.